Saturday, July 4, 2009

In good company

Today, with the nanny's off day (the poor woman has not has an off day in a fortnight), I made steamed egg for Rosabelle for the first time for her breakfast - luckily it turned out much better than my attempt at hard-boiling the eggs, and my girl appreciatively finished up the whole bowl (well, almost, leaving about three mouthfuls), after which we brought her down for a quick walk as the sun was already rather bright.

For lunch, it was also another no-brainer as I added half a banana to her high-protein milk cereal, so we got out of the house by 1:15pm for our lunch date with the Choons, where Rosabelle had her snack of biscuits. (She looks like she's eating her fist here, but it's just her way of getting at the biscuit which is clutched tightly within her palm.)
On our days out with her, if it's during meal times, I make sure she's fed at home first, and arm myself with the standard Lock & Lock container of Wakodo crackers, one dose of gripe water, her training cup filled with water, some teething/soft toys to keep her entertained, and if not already taken, a serving of fruit. It's usually enough to keep her busy (though either Wayne or I still have to ensure she does not throw things off the table, or fall through an over-sized high chair).
This is a cute pic of Dads with babes, where Rachel seems to have a shell-shocked look as she had just gotten up from a nap, and was thus rather grumpy after.
Like this pic for the mere reason that both of them were looking at the camera at the same time - so sweet!
Doesn't this pic look clandestine?! Rosabelle kept going 'Eh! Eh! Eh!' when Rachel first awoke, and even danced in her seat and smiled to get the latter's attention, but poor Rachel was still too much in a daze to reciprocate her warm-heartedness, haha!
Rosabelle was even tugging on Rachel to give her an off-shoulder look, and wanted a taste of the love-dotted fabric...Love is in the air, I tell you...
I had to distract Rosabelle with the camera case before she threatened to rip off Rachel's dress (as you can see if you notice clearly, Rosabelle's diaper is overdue for a change - you can see the telling blue line on the Pampers diaper).
I told Vanessa she does not need to get caps for Rachel - the girl has a shade on her head to shield her face with! She has such long hair (never cut before) her Dad calls her 'peacock'! She's wearing a pair of shoes that she has outgrown (has a slight hole from where the toe pokes through it) - she has relatively much bigger hands and legs than Rosabelle, hmmm... don't get into a bitch-slap fight with Miss Choon eh!
Again, we ended the day satisfied in the company of good food and friends - nice!

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