Monday, July 20, 2009

There's never a dull moment

Last week, there was some chaos in the yard. One of the mummies of a 3-year-old boy had lost her bag. She'd hung her whole bag containing her handphone and wallet on the stroller, and some sick idiot had come along to conveniently steal it when nobody was looking whilst the kids were playing. When she called the credit card company, the thief had already chalked up RMB3,000 (about SGD600) at Carrefour. Whenever I'm out these days, I only carry the essentials in a paper bag hung on the stroller (fan, water bottle - Rosabelle's and mine, tissue paper, wet wipes, saliva towel), and have my handphone on me at all times. If any thief wants to steal, they can take all the tissue paper they want. How idiotic...hope the watermelon crasher sends one down the darned thief's way...
If only Rosabelle could speak, I'm sure she would have noticed the thief - she has such sharp eyes/ears. We change her bath towel once a week on Saturday, and will place the old one on the clothes rack in the bathroom for washing on Sunday. When the nanny bathed her on Saturday afternoon and used a new towel to wrap her up, she pointed at the old towel on the rack and went 'Eh, eh, eh!', telling the nanny to use her old towel instead!

She also knows how to get us to do things for her, looking at our table lamp and 'Eh'-ing us to switch it on (keeping quiet after we have turned it on), and eversince she started crawling, we have been tailing her with a handheld fan, and when she saw the fan on the sofa, she 'Eh'-ed us into switching it on for her to alleviate her heat.
Of late, she also loves her bed more and more. If she at times makes noise for no reason (i.e. not sleepy, not hungry), we just leave her on the bed and she's perfectly happy rolling around on it, looking at the animals on the bed skirting (can even point out the lion to me), and peering through the bars (though at times she'd make noise if she reaches her arm out and then loses her balance and falls, hitting her face/head against the bars). She even tried tossing toys from the bed, and can be on her own for 30 minutes (maybe more, I haven't tried...).
Perhaps her affection for her bed is due to her strong affinity for animals, as alot of her toys and books have animals in them. Now, she can imitate the cow's mooing sound (sounds like 'mmmmm'), and today even tried a dog bark ('ow, ow, ow!'). The other day, I even caught her trying to feed her toy cow her biscuit by jabbing the piece repeatedly at its mouth. Very precocious, tsk tsk.
It's getting more fun these days as her imitation skills are getting better - when she used to imitate me cutting my finger nails, she now can also copy me cutting my toenails (grabbed her feet at the dining table and started the cutting nails action of opening/closing her fingers around her own toes). This also means she's picking up the tongue clicking from the nanny, and to a certain extent, a bad habit of sticking her finger into her own nose (must be learning how to clean her own nose from the times we try to clear snot/food from her nostrils).
It's just so fun and entertaining to have Rosabelle in our lives! (That's her with her second dimple below her left eye - the main one beside the right side of her mouth - seldom seen unless she gives a big smile/cry). She never fails to continue to bring sunshine into all our lives at every single moment.

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