Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The chewing, dancing assassin

Since Rosabelle is more vocal these days (read: screams alot and struggles to head in the particular direction) when she sees other kids eating/offered food, the nanny and I have had to resort to packing our own fruit and biscuit boxes the last few times we were out. At least we're then assured of the hygiene and quality of the food (some of the other biscuits are much too sweet/have salt etc).

However, this morning, before the nanny had time to bring over her dragon fruit, she had spotted a grandma giving out butter cookies - something I will not be giving her as it's way too sweet. The grandma had to hide the pack in her bag, but Rosabelle's eagle eye spotted it and she screamed as she reached out into the grandma's bag and fished the packet of biscuits out stealthily. Before we knew it, she had released the whole bag of biscuits onto the one-year-old girl next to her, hitting the poor girl on the head. The latter was probably caught by surprise and fell to her knees from the impact - so Rosabelle is now known by all to be a sneaky assassin, haha!

Last evening, we packed a box of watermelon out - she'd only drank watermelon juice before, and we'd never given her the fruit to bite on her own, so she was at first more distracted by another boy playing at the lobby (we brought her to the lobby to eat as we didn't want her getting a tummy upset from ingesting the strong winds blowing outdoors).
She did not take well to the first chunk that the nanny put to her mouth.
And gave us a 'what on earth is this?' look as she chewed on the piece of watermelon in her mouth.
But in the end, she enjoyed the whole 'eating watermelon in chunks' experience, and was eternally grateful to the nanny. Whenever she's happy with her food, she will show her gratitude to the nanny by plastering her face/cheek next to hers, or give a 'love love' gesture by knocking her forehead on the nanny's, like this:
I also caught a video of her chewing the watermelon, though she's more distracted by the nooks and crannies on her stroller, and actually has a good habit of not accepting more food into her mouth whenever she's still chewing/has yet to swallow.

But strangely enough, she did not enjoy her watermelon offered this way today, when I decided to head out to Tesco and the baby hypermart with the nanny since Rosabelle woke up early from her afternoon nap (slept early for the nap since she surprisingly woke up early at 7:15 am today, did not really enjoy her first taste of mushroom we added to her steamed egg breakfast before going out, and was then exhausted by noon time). All of us took a 15-minute stroll to Tesco and back, ending up with a few Mandarin story books for her, and a set of new bath toys. Rosabelle enjoyed the new experience of sitting in the supermarket trolley, and was bouncing all the way, and even danced when she heard some Mandopop blasting over the speakers.

(I was afraid that the trolley would be dirty, and also afraid that the trolley grating would cut into her chubby thighs when we sat, so I did a most anti-social thing: I looked for two white 100% cotton T-shirts in Tesco and used them to lay for her back, as well as around her bum area...with no intention of purchasing the T-shirts, of course. I know, very bad huh...)

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