Friday, July 10, 2009

Meet my kakis (friends)

Hey, hey friends, check out my 一指神功 (one-finger skill)! And so begins one of Rosabelle's usual morning/evening walks.
That's Mai Dou on the left, a boy who usually does not greet other kids, with the exception of a few, Rosabelle being one of them. The other night, before sleeping, he even told his mum he wants to see 'Yue Yue' (Rosabelle, as she is known in the yard by the other kids and aunties).

In the middle, with her bike being accosted, is Xi Xi, a sweet girl who is also very sticky to her Mummy.

On the right in Gao Yi Wei, whose grandmother's voice can be heard from my 10th-storey bedroom, screaming 'Gao Yi Wei, don't you dare climb that! Gao Yi Wei, don't go around eating other people's food! Gao Yi Wei, you'll fall and cry!'. Her grandmother also calls Rosabelle 假淑女 (fake lady), as Rosabelle is known by all to be demure and sweet (many have remarked they've never seen/heard her cry), but when I was eating a cake the other day, Rosabelle screamed and snatched a piece from me, and that's when the others saw how fierce/resolute she can be if determined/provoked, heh!
Gao Yi Wei is a very cute and chubby girl who wears ultra-short dresses showing off her chubby legs, and she often goes to her stroller to take things in exchange for other kids' food, to the chagrin of her grandmother.
She is seemingly fearless, climbing onto raised surfaces all the time, again to the dismay of her poor grandmother.
Then that's Da Niu again, one of the fallen candidates of Rosabelle's search. He is known also as Rosabelle's 'boyfriend' as at one period, both of them were salivating profusely and they were known respectively as the 'Halala Prince' (halala = saliva, don't ask me why, that's what it's known as in China) and the 'Halala Princess'.
This is Bei Bei, a girl 13 days older than Rosabelle, whom I had mistaken for a boy previously as she is rather skinny/dark and was wearing boyish-looking clothes, but has a ready, toothy smile (she has 6 teeth already!). She 'bullies' her grandmother by making the old lady carry her, but will sit quietly in her stroller if it comes to her grandfather walking her.
This is Wen Wen, also another 'Thunder Thighs' with chubby limbs. At 6 months of age, she has already mastered the 'Frog Leap' crawl (i.e. surging forward when crawling), and is often decked in girly frocks and dresses.
And this is sweet La La, about two weeks younger than Rosabelle but is heavier/longer than she is - really quite a heavyweight. She recently had a hair cut, and looks even rounder than before.
Finally, this is Le Le, a boy younger than Rosabelle by 6 days. He knows how to clap and wave bye bye, and is often seen on his walks with his proud grandfather who always has a contented beam of a smile from having such a jovial grandson.
I'll be capturing more of her other playmates over the next few days, only when the nanny is around to help carry Rosabelle. Most of the time, the nanny will be home cleaning up the house and/or preparing her meals, and I'd then bring her down first. With the summer sun/heat, Rosabelle is visibly darker already, but many still call her 'Snow White' as she's rather fair in comparison, haha!
To end this post, the above is a face of Rosabelle when she sees me going near to/playing with/wanting to carry other children - worried and jealous, and going ' Mmmm...mmmm...' all the time, even screaming to get my attention/warn me!

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