Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Meet the yard bully

Rosabelle is known in the yard to be a very obedient child who never cries nor throws tantrums. However, eversince she snatched a piece of cake from me the other day, she's now also much feared and labelled as a child whose 'still waters run deep', ho hum.
I always try to carry her away if the older kids start eating, as she will scream and try to reach for the food. The nanny and I do not wish for her to snack, and want her to cultivate a good and clean habit of eating foods at home, not taking food from anybody and everybody. But she will at times shriek to the point where the others will look at me and think I probably starve my daughter at home, unleashing a hungry and angry baby into the yard. Yikes.
Yu zi here, big for his age of 5 months, had been frightened into tears before by Rosabelle's wanton shrieking once. He was peacefully lying down in her stroller and enjoying his water feed and became terrified of Rosabelle screaming beside him, crying uncontrollably until his mum picked him up. Poor boy then had just recovered from almost two weeks of bad tummy, and had to take Chinese medicine to get well.
Bao Bao here, who was introduced in my earlier post, also made the mistake of trying to snatch Rosabelle's fan earlier, incurring the wrath of Miss Shi, who screamed him into submission.
There was another girl, also called Bao Bao, who was not used to strangers, and when Rosabelle wanted to make friends and pulled her toes, she burst into tears, causing Rosabelle to be even more curious and pat her on the arm, making the poor girl inconsolable...

Yet another girl, Rou Rou, was sitting in her stroller, and Rosabelle reached out to touch her eyes, nose and mouth, and maybe poked too hard, (again) making Rou Rou cry, and the latter's grandmother had to push her away in the stroller.

Haha! But it's all unintentional, and I know Rosabelle is just being friendly and curious.

For one, Zhao Zhao here, about 4 months old, was not crying because of Rosabelle - he has a rather 'heck care' Mum and Dad, and his mum would often let the Dad bring him out alone whilst she goes for massages or shopping, and the Dad would leave him in the stroller to stare into space whilst he goes off for a smoke around the corner. Poor boy...
And this is sweet Jia Jia, who recently turned a year old, and she always has a broad smile on her face wherever she goes.
Yet another heavyweight who looks bigger than Rosabelle is this 6-moth-old Duan Duan, a girl who is super chubby and was apprehensive of me when I first saw her, but now has a ready smile for me whenever she sees me.
Lastly, there's Jia Jia, about 6.5 months old, but already sprouted two lower teeth very early on. Rosabelle likes to look at her mummy, whilst Jia Jia likes to look at me. She will always look at me expectantly and quickly break into a toothy grin when I play with her. Very sweet.
Amidst all her friends, Rosabelle will at times give me a worried look when she sees me playing with other kids. She's more expressive these days, like when she finished up her bowl of 15 grapes the other day, and flailed her arms excitedly when she saw the nanny at the sink (she was going to wash the bowl), thinking the nanny was going to peel more grapes for her. The nanny turned around and said 'No more grapes, Yue yue', and Rosabelle's grin immediately turned into a frown as she let out a huge sigh. So heartbreaking...hehe!

And yesterday, when I was carrying her, she repeatedly grabbed at my spectacles three times in a row even after I had warned her not to. I then stared at her with an angry face and she quickly gave me the sweetest smile ever and rubbed her cheeks against my to get angry like that?...

As the nanny says, Rosabelle seems to understand what we're saying, and what's going on around her, just that she does not know how to vocalize her needs/thoughts, so cute!

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