Saturday, July 4, 2009

Autobots & Decepticons, ramble on!

Wayne and I enjoyed our weekly Friday night date watching a movie last night. I'm amazed to come to the realisation that it's been close to a year since Wayne and I last caught a movie in the cinema (or for that matter, for me to catch ANY movie, even on TV or DVD - I know, pathetic huh?!). We last watched Hancock and Kungfu Panda in July last year, and Wayne has been wanting to catch Transformers 2 on the big screen.

So we went to get tickets in the afternoon, and after I EBM-ed (180ml!) in a haste (we were rushing to leave by 8 pm for the 8:40pm show and did not want to get caught in the dreaded Beijing Friday evening jam), we set off for the cinema, wanting to get an over-priced hot dog or sandwich from the cinema for dinner. As luck would have it, even if we had money, there was no food, only popcorn - sweetened or salted. Well, at least we had a choice, and paid RMB22 (about SGD4) for a bucket of sweetened popcorn for dinner.

The movie was great, and the opening sequence between the Autobots and Decepticons was also impressive - I told Wayne at one point, 'I feel like standing up to clap'. Think he would have been highly embarrassed by me. Anyway, I think the chap next to me does not feel embarrassed in any way - he was sitting all alone (a single seat next to me with the wall beside him), and throughout the movie, he would ramble to himself in Mandarin.

'It'd melt into dust... (and when it does) See, told you I'd be right.', 'Pyramid (when the scenes were in Egypt', and many other words I refused to pick up on (I had to automatically filter out his voice). I had a good mind to turn to him and say 'Bravo! You are so clever! I award you a mouthful of my over-sweetened popcorn to stuff your bloody mouth with! Now will you just shut the F&^% up!!!'

The only word(s) he muttered (or at least tried to) in English was 'Octopus'. In case you think he has an eight-legged fetish, or that we were watching Finding Nemo, I was quick to realize that it was his Chinglish pronounciation of 'Optimus', or 'Optimus Prime' - the leader of the Autobots. URRRGHH.

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