Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's been a loooong while...

It wasn't too long ago that the Choons (with Rachel still in tummy) celebrated my birthday in September last year before I left for Singapore (with Rosabelle still in tummy). Since then, we have not had the time/opportunity to meet up for a proper drinks/dinner session without the girls in tow. All meal dates are hampered by a diaper change, a feeding session, or a whiney baby.

Now that the Choons are heading to Shanghai soon, I told Vanessa we should quickly meet up for a proper meal before Tim's parents head into town on Friday (no drinks as the guys are driving - though Wayne did not drive today just so he could destress and take some alcohol - and the ladies are breastfeeding). So we quickly sprung into action and met for dinner at Hatsune guessed it, Sanlitun Village. We'd all gone to Hatsune near Guanghua Road on many occasions in the past, but never have we been so disappointed with the restaurant.

Firstly, we waited for almost an hour for a table, where we were seated in an area which did not segregate smoking from non-smoking zones, and they could only serve agedashi tofu and beans, with drinks - we simply could not understand why we could not eat our meals at the same table!

It was an hour before we were seated, and luckily the food was passable - maybe also because we were starving. Particularly, the Clayton Roll we ordered of shitakes, creamy crab and white tuna was very good. But that was about it. After repeated reminders to speed up on our orders, they told us that all our dishes have already been served, before realizing that the waitress that took our order missed out on the beef teppanyaki and Tim's california roll. That's it - we paid up the bill and left, but not before taking some photos of ourselves, minus the girls, hehe!
Unsatiated, we went to Union Bar & Grill next door to satisfy our dessert cravings. Wayne and I had dined on and salivated over their hot molten chocolate cake before, and were thus disappointed that the kitchen had closed and we could only order cold desserts. We then all shared a cheesecake and a panna cotta, which were both good. After walloping the sweet treats, we were surprisingly presented with a molten chocolate cake - yaaay! The manager had nicely asked the kitchen to help whip this up specially for us - looks like the great service and food here more than made up for the 'pui chao nuah' (spit smelly saliva) experience we got at Hatsune. I never give tips when dining in Beijing, but this time I was seriously considering (note 'considering', in the end also didn't give) giving them tips, and going to the kitchen to shake the hands of the wonderful cook who turned on his gas mains to make the dessert for us...

This is a picture of two happy mamas who went home totally satisfied to their sleeping Princesses! (See how tanned I've become from taking Rosabelle on her walks...)

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