Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Legs up in the air

Rosabelle has a bad habit of putting her legs up on her dining chair table, similar to when she sits in her stroller and does her 90 degrees leg lift.

She must be observing me sitting cross-legged everytime, and seemingly enjoying it, and picking up bad habits from the adults, but I swear I don't sit with my legs like that whilst eating!

Just yesterday, she heard Wayne clearing his throat in the bathroom and immediately also went 'Erhhhhmmmm', and the nanny had to chide her ever so slightly to remind her not to pick up the wrong habits.

She is a very good observer (and imitator), trying to pry her feeding spoon into two after seeing how her playmates dismantled a shovel into two earlier - she probably thought she could similarly disengage her spoon from its handle.

It's more fun to bring her on walks nowadays as I observe how she observes, and she's exceptionally excited when she sees dogs, kicking her legs in excitement, and if I'm carrying her, willing me to go towards it/them.

Now, if only somebody can tell her that sitting with her legs wide open is not very ladylike...

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