Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Still as hyper

We have a pre-bath ritual for Rosabelle, where we will remove her clothes and start sweeping her diaper cloth around her, dancing with her. This is where she picks up the cue from us and starts waving her arms and kicking her legs excitedly, to the point where we will hear 'piak, piak, piak' noises from her hitting her fists against her thighs and/or tummy.

This dance will go on until we see her stomach heaving, and she's breathing heavily, but she will still want to dance, and give us the widest dimpled, toothy grin ever as she knows it's bath fun time.
Luckily she still has as much energy, with activity levels still at a high (she even arches her bum when she has stopped crawling nowadays, positioning her body in an inverted U-shape, in a bid to try and stand, I gather!). Glad that her less-than-solid stools have not taken any toll on her - many other kids in the yard also have a case of the runs, with some having the problem for more than 10 days, and having to go see the doctor and take stool specimens, aiyo! Rosabelle's condition is nothing in comparison, touch wood, fingers crossed!

Anyway, for precautionary measure, we are not letting her crawl on the floor these days (only on her playmat and the bed/sofa), just in case her tummy upset is caused by the cold floor. And we are taking her new foods slowly, a day at a time. Just today, she had
children's bowtie pasta for dinner (no more adult's pasta for her!), and she enjoyed it greatly. Just as much as she enjoyed eating Dole small bananas (finishes one, and looks to us for more), and surprisingly, Zespri golden kiwis. When offered kiwi for the first time in May, she did not take to it at all, but ate almost three-quarters of the fruit today! Looks like it's really true that with new foods and children, you just have to try, try, and try again after a period of time!

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