Tuesday, July 14, 2009

For Jieh Jieh Marianne

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Wow, it's been a year since I wrote a post wishing Marianne a Happy 3rd Birthday, and a month since we last celebrated her birthday early for her when my family was in Beijing.
Moving on from 3 to 4 years old, Marianne has since grown more 'mature' and loves to play dress-up and be all girly in her dressing, with clips and bows, and posing in a set of children's jewellery I got for her when in Singapore. She's pictured here adorning a rabbit faux fur jacket that my friends bought for Rosabelle, and in a blue kebaya suit with matching handbag (mine), making her look like a deranged air stewardess.
We had fun at Ikea Singapore when she gamely posed for photos with the various face masks/headgear.
Of course, her role elevated to that of 'Jieh jieh' Marianne with Rosabelle's arrival, where she visited us on the day that her dear 'Rosie' was born.
This is her being ever-happy and sweet around Rosabelle, always being very gentle with her, and even rocking/patting her when she cried.
She soon mustered enough courage (and strength) to carry Rosabelle at one stage (not now though, when Rosabelle is already heavier and squirmy).
And who can forget the classic photo where we got the both of them to pose like my sister and I when we were younger?
No wonder when Marianne came to Beijing, Rosabelle was so excited to see her and kept hugging her and screaming loudly.
Here's wishing sweet Marianne a Happy 4th Birthday, and that you will continue to exhibit such unconditional love and spread your sweetness around - be blessed with good health, wisdom and happiness always!

With love from Yiyi, Uncle Wayne, and Rosabelle...
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