Saturday, June 6, 2009


...and it feels so good... (and so the song goes). I was bringing my family out to a few places in the past few days - Wayne was still working on the weekdays so we took cabs around (all 4 adults squeezed in with the 3 kids with a huge Quinny Buzz in the boot - we got quite a earful from many taxi drivers, not to mention having some reject fetching us!). However, it was hot over the past few days (but was surprisingly nice and cool with rain on Saturday morning), so we mostly went indoors - like shopping around Shin Kong Place (where they also toured around the Panasonic Centre and the kids had fun capturing themselves on the blue screen), Sanlitun Village, and Solana. Had gorging sessions at 花家怡园 (where Simon and Marianne had the favourite pancake with duck - i.e. Peking duck), Herbal Cafe and enjoying dim sum at 陶朱公馆. On the first night, we had a late dinner within our apartment area, at a restaurant called后街, and Rosabelle did not go along as she was sleeping from a tiring day out (she was actually the most active/awake of the 3 kids when outside - that explains her pure exhausation upon reaching home!). On the second night, I was having a headache (and Rosabelle was taking her two-hour nap and woke up late for a dinner/supper!), so only Wayne brought them out for noodles at Noodle Loft. It must be becoming a trend as on the third night, Rosabelle was sleepy after her bath so I stayed with her whilst Wayne took them to 林家小馆 for dinner.

There wasn't massive shopping as those were not great-deals places, but more of getting a feel of modern Beijing, and of course tasty treats. And most definitely, catching up with each other and spending precious moments with my dear family as they spent some time at my place, and the kids went wild with each other.
Just last night, Rosabelle was shrieking as she clutched at and hugged Marianne tightly, and was screaming wildly when my sis carried her to chase the kids around. Nowadays, if she wants to play and attract our attention, she will tilt her head or bend herself sideways and stare until she has made us smile before she returns a grin.
It sure is nice to have noise and rowdiness in our life over this 2 weeks...

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