Thursday, June 11, 2009

Somebody, sign them up!

There wasn't many photos of Simon and Marianne in my previous post about our visit to the Olympic venues, as they had just so many nice shots for me to combine into the post, so I decided to dedicate one special post to the two (other) child models who had a whale of a time.

Firstly, during lunch at Pizza Hut, they had a Hawaiian-themed month, so the kids wanted me to take photos of them with the kitschy flower garlands stringing around the staircase...
And when we reached the Olympic Green, little Marianne started feeling posey, and gave her own spontaneous sweet poses!
Of course, kids will be kids with their funny faces (Simon always does that...).
And in the National Stadium (a.k.a Bird's Nest), they did alot of running around - ALOT of vast space for them to expend their energy without bumping into people/things.
And also took photos with the inflatables - FUWAs.
Both kids were hot, sweaty, and sticky - but very importantly - happy.
My sis had to force them to sit down and rest and watch the huge screen showing FUWAs.
But what I like most are the un-posed photos - i.e. grabs of Simon and Marianne in their natural selves and being spontaneous.

This is them using Uncle Wayne as a magic roundabout...
Of them trying to pose funnily for my sister's camera...
And of Simon doing a little jig with the flowers - he had the most handsome smile on his face.I really love the bursts of energy on these children's faces!

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