Monday, June 8, 2009

Ring a ring of roses, a family of posers...

On our trips out these days, it's picture-whoring time as the kids get down to taking photos with many of the various cutesy things we see.
Marianne had her ultimate dream come true with photos at a Disney Princess store at Solana mall.

Obviously her favourite Princess is Snow White...(according to my sis, she said she prays to God for golden hair - goodness gracious me!).
Whilst Simon gets down to (literally) monkey (well, he's born in year of the monkey anyway) business with various oversized, towering figurines.
My mum remarked that 'Marianne is learning to be like Yiyi and starting to have alot of poses and head tilts when taking photos these days'.
And of course, doesn't it always look uber-cute to have the two siblings posing together?...

(In the last photo of the robots, Marianne walked away remarking within earshot of everybody 'Yiyi, that girl robot also got (sic) breasts'.)

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