Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Curious Case of the Many Minnies

Food was missing, and the three ladies were most suspicious....

Suspect No. 1: Miss Rosabelle Shi
Suspect No. 2: Miss Marianne Toh
Suspect No. 3: Miss Rachel Choon (the young one, not the older Vanessa woman... haha!)
Looks like Miss Shi is the culprit....
According to Simon, Rosabelle even injested a corner of a restaurant namecard by softening it with her saliva and tearing it out (Simon witnessed her 'eating the black, black thing with the white words, then she chew and swallow!' [sic]).

The young ladies had a good time (and we adults had a good laugh at their expense) trying on the panda (but looks more like Minnie Mouse to me) hairband Marianne bought.

The Choons also joined us for lunch yesterday but poor Rachel was in a grouchy mood as she was sleepy, and was also uber-sticky to Vanessa (think it's the same with all babies at this stage).

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