Monday, June 1, 2009


Last Saturday, we brought Rosabelle for her pneumococcal vaccine third jab (Prevenar) at Amcare, and as we were not satisfied with the previous doctor, we saw a new one this time round.
When we went into the room, we saw a Professor Snipe-looking (think the dark arts wizard in Harry Potter) old man in his sixties, who just stared at us coming in, with no smile or acknowledgement. Throughout the brief (10 minutes max?) consultation, he spoke no more than 10 sentences, with his assistant doing the communication and explanation. Even when I explained that with my history of eczema, I am hesitant to let Rosabelle take egg white so early so that she can take her measles jab at 8 months, there was no further advice. (In China, it's different from Singapore where children in the latter country take MMR at 15 months - here, as there had been an outbreak, they advise earlier vaccination.)

In the end, Wayne and I decided enough was enough and asked for a non-senior (i.e. cheaper, and younger, and hopefully more dedicated and at least more communicative) doctor on her next visit for her measles jab. My brother-in-law thinks it's fine to follow the China vaccination schedule, and we felt it best too since she's staying here.

At the hospital, a young mother asked me 'Do you also stay at Hou Xian Dai Cheng? Your baby's Shi Yue, right? I stay at the next block, and we always see you downstairs, and see her in her stroller looking out. (To her husband): She's a Singaporean.' Haha, my daughter's a mini celebrity, but I'm embarrassed to say I have no inkling of this mother or her child. Oh well, at least I will recognise them on our next round out.

Also, there had been at least three occasions on separate days over when Rosabelle was making whimpering noises in her cot – she was not hungry, neither was she being disturbed by any renovation noises. It’s just that she likes to turn around (360 degrees at times) in her sleep, and she was stuck at the breadth of the cot, with her feet at one end, and her neck arched, forehead stuck at the other end. She basically could not move without me carrying her up to shift her, so it was not surprising to have her measured at 71.5 cm on that day (bed's 70 cm in width).

However, she was still 8.7 kg, the same weight at 6 months. I was quite worried until the doctor (Professor Snipe) said her gain of 6 kg since birth is already very good, and the nanny said it's good she did not lose weight, as some kids will not like weaned foods, but not be taking enough milk for their growth and high energy activities.

Oh well, at least Rosabelle's feeding well, and looking hale and hearty. Hopefully we get a better doctor the next time round!

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