Sunday, June 28, 2009

我是中国人 (I am Chinese)

That's it - our daughter has a Beijing vaccination booklet. She had always been using the one from KKH in Singapore, eversince she was born, and on the previous two trips to Amcare in Beijing, they just updated the booklet from Singapore. But today, after we had bad encounters with the lousy, over-priced senior doctors from Amcare, we paid a third of the price for a younger, and more responsive, and dedicated doctor today, who recommended that we start a Beijing vaccination booklet for her. So there you have it - the ugly-looking, green book at the bottom of the picture, compared to the more joyful-looking KKH one on the top.
Rosabelle was having a runny nose at times since yesterday morning, but it should likely be because of the aircon/fan, so we weren't too worried when the doctor asked that she delay her MR (measles and rubella) jab today in case it turned into a full-fledged cold. We went ahead with getting her vaccinated, in line with the schedule for China (in Singapore, kids get MMR at 15 months). Only thing was they only have locally-produced vaccination for 8 months, not the GSK ones they administer for 18 months here. Oh well, we got it free anyway, needing to pay only for consultation and the equipment.
Strangely enough, Rosabelle did not even cry, or so much as let out a whimper when they injected the vaccine - what a brave girl! She's now 9kg, and measures about 72cm (I say about because her head wasn't touching the end of the bed she was lying upon).
So this is her happy when waiting for the mandatory 15-minute observation period to be over. She was sitting happily on my lap eating her crackers, and the nurses remarked how dainty she was, holding the biscuit with both hands and taking only one small bite at a time, haha!
The next jab at 9 months will be the second dose of meningococcal meningitis (what a mouthful!), but the side effects of today's dose are more severe. The doctor recommended loads of TLC as the effects, if any (low-grade fever and occasional spots), will surface only after 6-10 days, and we need to feed her more water than usual as well, and to be sure not to introduce any other new foods over this period of time. Hmmm... we'll be sure to load up on the love, and give in to (most) of her whims and fancies then! (Not that we don't already do that now...)

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