Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fishy business

Rosabelle tried fish (鲈鱼) for the first time on 8 June, which the nanny cooked in porridge with some brinjal. The nanny advised me that she had to add some child soya sauce and sesame oil to the fish, if not it will be too stinky to be edible. Not wanting to turn Rosabelle off such a good thing, I made sure she added only minimal amounts.

She seemed to like the fish porridge, finishing up the whole bowl (also because she'd woken up for a late dinner, and was busy posing for photographs earlier after her uber-long three-hour afternoon nap - both interesting subjects for a later post).

However, after her meal, she was up to her Houdini trick again, wanting to snatch her mouth towel and chew on/hide it from the nanny's view, shrieking with glee if she manages to pry it from the nanny's fingers. Think the soft texture and cool water from the towel provides relief for her gums...
The nanny also added some white bread to her cereal this afternoon (9 June), so that she can have a fuller meal, and to give her carbos for her increased level of activity these days.

Next on my list of to-trys for her will be liver - something that I have only tried once in my whole life (when I was still in primary school - and immediately spat out). I told the nanny I will make an effort to not comment about my dislike for liver, if not clever Rosabelle will pick up on it and start thinking that she can also be fussy/picky about her foods (I know for sure she does not like kiwi nor papaya, as she did not take to these fruits when we tried offering them to her on separate occasions at least twice).
When I tell my family about the foods and portions she eats, they are surprised to know she has such good variety, and more importantly, a good appetite - phew!

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