Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fighting the sleep demon

She eyes the chunk before her warily.
Then realises it's her favourite apple, though she does not really like taking its juice nowadays, preferring to eat the whole fruit herself instead.
So Mummy got nanny to cut a slice for her to chew pieces off herself.
Mummy had to watch her as she was eating and wanting to play at the same time, and gagged on an over-big piece and almost choked till she teared (scared me!).
Well, it wasn't that bad after all, as she managed to eat half a piece by herself. Slower than drinking juices, but at least she can proudly say she fed herself!
She loves to feed herself these days, and for the past two days, when I was eating my lunch, she was squirming and making noise whilst eating her lunch, so I had no choice but to placate her by giving her a few grains of rice on her spoon, which she happily mashed between her fingers and tried to put into her mouth. Today, she even fed herself the rice three times using the spoon!

Thinking she'd be sick of the same old foods, the nanny woke up early this morning to prepare egg porridge (instead of the usual steamed egg) for her breakfast, but her efforts went to waste as Rosabelle did not take to the porridge, but instead eagerly slurped up the steamed egg the nanny had no choice but to make for her after. Looks like she's a fan of Ayi's steamed egg - a classic case of don't fix it if it ain't broke!

For lunch as well, seeing that she finished her steamed egg close to 11:30am, we decided to prepare something light/different, putting cut carrots, apple, peach, and honeydew into her cereal, and she almost managed to finish all. I say 'almost' because she took an hour to finish (the nanny gives her a time limit of 30 minutes, reminding her of the impending deadline if she slackens/gets distracted, and will clean her up when time's up), and left behind chunks of the fruit. The nanny did not cook the carrot, instead adding boiled water to the whole mixture, so I told her it's too hard for Rosabelle to swallow/chew, even though she had cut the carrot into fine bits - just am not comfortable with giving her not totally cooked vegetables.

Dinner time was a huge success as compared to breakfast and lunch. Rosabelle has been waking up and sleeping early these days, which is a good thing, and takes two naps a day, once after breakfast/before lunch, and another in the afternoon. However, for whatever reason (maybe it's too hot - sweltering furnace-like heat in Beijing these days), she did not sleep the second nap, so we brought her downstairs, and were hoping that she would not be sleepy during dinner.

When we came upstairs, seeing that she was still not in the mood to sleep, I decided to bathe her, and got the nanny to prepare her dinner, so that she would not start crying/looking for me when the nanny bathed/clothed her - whole idea was to keep her happy and in the mood to eat.

We succeeded with this strategy and the nanny whipped up a feast for her in record time - main course of noodles/spinach/vegetables/tomatoes, side dish of chicken/onion (she tried onion for the first time today), and a soup of black fungus/cucumber/potato/tofu (she also tried cucumber for the first time today). Her food is even more healthy and well-balanced than ours!
Amazingly, she managed to finish up all the food, save for about four teaspoonfuls of the ingredients in the soup, which the nanny decided to not feed her anymore, for fear of her over-eating. She took longer than usual to finish, since it was a full-course dinner (and interrupted by her pooing mid-way), and Wayne/I had to entertain her at times as her eyes were closing and she was totally so going to fall asleep at times with her head on the table!

Am sure the nice taste of the food kept her awake and non-grouchy, phew... The pressure's now on the poor nanny to make every meal as appealing as this one now, but it sure is satisfying to see our girl taking well to new foods and new tastes!

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