Monday, June 8, 2009

Play things

Simon and Marianne very sweetly planned to bring some things and toys over for Rosabelle as soon as they knew they were coming over to visit her. Amongst these were a toy piano (actually Made in China - haha), and also a princess pony-drawn carriage (am sure also Made in China) that played very loud and at times techno tunes (like 'I'm a little butterfly' by Aqua!) that also sparkled LED lights at the same time it went around in circles.
Rosabelle was exceptionally enchanted by the latter, due to the combination of lights, music, and movement, and starts dancing and shrieking happily whenever we turn it on. As much as she wants to grab at it, she is also seemingly wary of this strange-looking object and was careful about going too near even when the nanny egged her on to feel it. Just as well, there are small parts like the pony's ears and wings that might not be able to withstand her gumming and new sprouting teeth - have to be careful about techno pony being a hazard!

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