Monday, June 1, 2009

Deals on wheels

During one of her evening walks, Rosabelle was entranced by a small toy car that a boy, Mai Dou, was playing with. So, over the weekend, at the baby mart, I got her a larger toy car (so that she won't be endangered by small parts like the wheels), but she paid scant attention to it.

And only after buying the car that I realised I'd forgotten all about the sorting shapes Thomas the Train toy that I'd brought back from Singapore. It had wheels and would similarly appeal to her, right? I'd kept it away as it was meant for 12 months and above, probably also because it had a chimney that could endanger babies if they fell over (we cannot leave her on her own and need to supervise her play all the time anyway).

When I took the train out of the box, she was flagging her arms wildly in excitement, and as the box was rather worn-out (from my sister's kids' days), I opened the main door to throw the box out, and Rosabelle protested violently, shrieking as if to say 'Why did you throw out such a good thing without letting me play with it?!!' and stopped only when the nanny pointed out that we'd kept the train and it was on the table. She did not see me remove the toy from the box and was angry at thinking I'd thrown everything away, I guess, haha!

When I passed her the train, she had further shrieking, that of joy this time, and excitedly flipped the train on its sides and chewed on the shapes within. The sorting shapes component of the toy does not yet apply to her, but she's contented with the novelty of it all, and it sure beats the lousy toy car I got (which rubber lining came loose within 24 hours of purchase...drat!).

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