Thursday, June 25, 2009

The screaming wrestler

Today, Rosabelle was in an exceptionally talkative mood, screaming and warbling quite a fair bit both inside and outside the house, more so when she saw the other (older) kids playing and chasing each other around. She will flag both her arms and legs up and down, and even snort/grunt at times from the excitement, it's tiring to hold onto and carry her man!
But at times, when she's in a sticky mood, she will go '' (her way of calling me) in a whiney way, and then go all coy when I give her a 'Yes, what do you want this time?'.
Like when we changed her diapers and wanted to wear her pyjamas just now, she wasn't yet sleepy, so we decided to not put on her shirt, as it was too warm in the house (we switch on the living room aircon and open ours and the nanny's rooms for cool comfort at night these days when we sleep). So she looks like a junior turkish wrestling athelete here, biting her sweat towel angrily to scare off the competition.
And she decided that she likes the cool feel of the wooden floor (we've only ever let her sit on the bed, sofa, and her playmat), even refusing to get up when I wanted to carry her up.

So much for trying to look intimidating!

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