Monday, June 8, 2009

She thinks she's Houdini

I witnessed for myself my cheeky girl at work the other day. She was being fussy at times during her meals, mainly because her teeth were coming out, and during the end of her lunch, she grabbed the cloth the nanny uses to wipe her mouth with. When the nanny wanted to take it back, she tugged at it (she uses her brute strength to hold onto things - grips till her fingertips turn white - and screams 'Ahhhhhhh!' to protest if we want to take away whatever she's holding).

She was sitting on her high chair and very cleverly 'hid' the cloth under her table, thinking the nanny would not see it, whilst peering down to peek at the cloth to make sure it's still there. Alas, the nanny tugged at it from under the table, but Rosabelle is sure learning to be crafty in her own ways now!

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