Monday, June 8, 2009

Who's playing with whom

At lunch yesterday at a restaurant called 松鹤楼 (my family enjoyed the dishes, also because we were famished eating close to 2:30pm), my dad was amusing Rosabelle by playing peekaboo with the cloth napkin in his hands. Rosabelle looked on for awhile, sitting opposite him, and suddenly lifted up her own skirt and did the same peekaboo action for a few times, of course not caring for her modesty. So much for 'monkey see, monkey do'!
In the car, whilst she was on my lap (we travel in compact mode these days, the two men - Wayne and my dad - in front, and us three ladies each with a kid on our laps, thank goodness it's not long-distance or we'll all get DVT!), my sis starting playing with her, pretending to not see her whilst looking around the car and asking aloud 'Where's Rosie?'. After some time, Rosabelle looked out the other way at the window and I could see her peeking sideways as my sis called her, and she broke out in a cheeky grin whilst pretending to ignore my sis before she turned quickly behind to look at her, as if saying 'Here I am!'. So naughty!

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