Sunday, June 21, 2009

Behind the scenes

When our friend was taking our family photos the other day, he also captured some candid camera shots that I found funny.

Rosabelle wasn't too sitting too stably on the soft leather sofa, and the nanny was worried, standing beside her and catching her when she toppled over.
Though it did not help for this particular time when our friend captured this series of successive poses showing her falling over, legs in the air.
And that's our girl unabashedly showing off her Chanel-like belly button and diapers (her umbilical hernia has thankfully subsided greatly).
With a warm hug from Mummy to reward dear Rosabelle for being such a sport and posing so well.
It was a headache with the group shots, with each, especially the children doing their own thing.
And Simon not caring if the shutter was clicking - he just yawned whenever he felt like it.
And there he goes again...
Or he makes funny faces at the camera...
Or even simply looking bored (see how poor Marianne is gamely keeping up her pose and smile - all wasted...) So it was no wonder Marianne started having a serious pout and losing her sweet smile, from having worn a smile for way too long in the family photos. She kept smiling throughout even when they were adjusting the lighting etc, not pausing to rest, thus over-straining and becoming grouchy that it was taking too long, and thus was tiring for her.
And that's us trying to pacify/bribe her with treat of her favourite chocolates (M&Ms) if she gave a smile.
She was placated and loosened up, pulling her nose for a pose.
We always forgot that we had eyesores of accidental 'props' around, like Rosabelle's activity station, that was captured in most of the shots, and you can even see Wayne's and my bedroom slippers in this set of poses!
In spite of the many pictures that did not make it, it was fun though, and I wouldn't mind doing it all over again!

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