Friday, April 24, 2009

Half year old

Half a year old. My girl, that’s how old you are today. Exactly six months ago on October 24, you came into this world and brought joy (and sleeplessness) into our lives. I never thought I could feel so much love, and responsibility, for another being.
Height: 48 cm, Weight: 2.74 kg

On your sixth day, you went through two nights in the hospital for breastfeeding jaundice treatment of phototherapy (jaundice needed 3 full months to subside, within which you had to go for frequent follow-up visits to monitor the bilirubin levels). We even took you out for suntanning (believed to aid in jaundice treatment), and you were so dark-skinned.

At one month, your cries became louder and heartier, but you were awake more often.
Height: 52.5 cm, Weight: 3.9 kg

At two months, you bravely endured an inguinal hernia operation on Boxing Day (9 straight hours of fasting - can imagine how angry you were!) and an overnight stay at the KK Hospital – you were a fighter and went back home the next stay and liked the orangey-tasting antibiotics!
You started becoming more playful (keeping us all awake at night with your laughter), and started liking to play with Simon Kor Kor and Marianne Jieh Jieh.
Height: 60 cm, Weight: 5.68 kg (usually babies double their birth weight by six months – you are an exception…)
At three months, you celebrated your first-ever New Year and Chinese New Year, and started liking the outdoors and going out. You became aware of your hands and started chewing on them all the time, and started turning to your side.
Height: 60 cm, Weight: 6.8 kg

At four months, you started liking books and talking a lot, and was given your first taste of foods apart from breast milk (banana, orange, apple). Your grip was getting stronger by the day.
Height: 64 cm, Weight: 7.47 kg

At five months, you headed back to Beijing on board your first ever flight. You became more aware of foods and utensils adults are eating, and started laughing and salivating a lot, being able to turn on your tummy yourself. You came down with a mild fever after your vaccination, and looked so cute with the cold patch on your forehead. Though you gave us a spate of worry with your occasional constipation (the most serious bout was 10 days of no poo, a rarity for total breastfed babies – how Mummy wished to clear your poo then!)
Height: 64 cm, Weight: 8.2 kg (close to 3 times her birth weight of 2.74kg – normal babies triple birth weight by a year)
At six months, already in Beijing, you adapted well to the Beijing cold, though you broke out in a case of mild ringworm on your cheek, and have taken well to the new nanny. Ye ye and Nai nai saw you for the first time as well. You are now grateful for teethers, and have developed a strong pincer grip, as well as a strong pair of legs to support yourself. You have also become very fair and look most beautiful in our eyes.

Ayi says you have good concentration skills as you are able to focus/stare at something for a long time without being distracted, and will turn out to be a good student. She also says you are very observant, playing with the ribbon on her blouse two days ago, and looking for the same ribbon when she changed her blouse, turning away when you realized it’s not there anymore. But most of all, Ayi thinks you are a happy, and easily placated baby. That is the most important of all, Rosabelle, as Mummy and Daddy wish you happiness, and health. Keep your sunny smile always, and continue to be as friendly to everybody as you are now.

Happy 半岁, our dearest 玥玥。

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