Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pampering myself

Before I had Rosabelle, even when I was pregnant, I went for facial/massage sessions every fortnight, a hair trim every 6 weeks (plus a dye job when I was non-pregnant), a mani+pedicure every month, and countless other pampering sessions...

The last time I had a facial was in December, my long-overdue hair cut and mani/pedicure was last done in October, so you can imagine how terribly umpampered-looking I was!

People say once the baby starts recognizing faces/strangers, the mother will shed hair. Happy me was still thinking the post-pregnancy hormones of hair loss would not strike me, but when my hair started falling out in locks and chunks, and the home nanny kept picking up alot of my hairs all over the place, I decided I had to get a hair cut as my long hair was weighing down my scalp and dropping more easily.

So.... on Sunday, we left the nanny at home with Rosabelle when she was taking her afternoon nap, and I went to cut my hair to shoulder-length (and did a manicure at the same time), and made the mistake of cutting a fringe. Should have listened to my stylist when he said I suited a long, side fringe... yikes. Shall not post photos now, but maybe later when it's grown out. -_-

Then, on Monday, I went for my much-awaited facial. The beauticians were handing out vouchers in my neighbourhood, and seeing they use Guinot and Dermologica, I decided to just pop to the next block to take a look. My usual Clarins facial place was 10 minutes away by cab, a luxury I cannot afford when I am rushing for time - haha! Turns out the place is quite good and I enjoyed a two-hour Guinot facial and Dermologica back rub - heavenly. If their full-body massage is also as good, I will then sign up for a package with them - see how!

Over our periods of short absence from home, we left the nanny alone at home with her. She's been with us for about 3 weeks and sadly, told us she is going to Inner Mongolia with her husband who has been posted there for work. Her son is still in Beijing, so she is torn between staying here and leaving him.

Pity, because other than a few hiccups in the first week of work, she is dedicated and loves playing with Rosabelle, and keeps the house nice and clean for us. And she keeps Rosabelle entertained (high success rate for helping to feed my expressed milk from the bottle too!) and says funny things (in Mandarin, of course) like "There's already a global economic recession and you're not affected, can still laugh like that??","Do you still want to go to kindergarten? You sleep and wake up so late, the teacher will dismiss you!", "People pay for breakfast and lunch at the kindergarten, and you will probably skip both by waking up late - what a waste of money!", "You close your eyes and chuckle and are so immersed in yourself, you think you are having a solo concert??". Below screen grab (video is too huge to post online) is Rosabelle chuckling heartily when playing with the nanny on the latter's first day with us - cute!

So we now have to look for a new nanny - hope the changes won't be too traumatic for the little one!

Over the weekend as well, Wayne ordered online a new phone and laptop for me. Since I left my job, I'd have to return my company mobile phone and laptop - both new items are still untouched by me (I usually would set up my new technical gadgets the day of the purchase, but have yet to get down to doing so for this time round). We got a Nokia E71 (white color - Wayne has the grey/black one), and a HP Mini. The Mini is so... mini. With the nice clutch purse (something so small does not count for a laptop bag), it looks really chic and nice that I am tempted to bring it out of the house to use, if only for the sake of having some other people admire it. So wu liao, I know. I really should get round to pampering myself more (though I have to of course watch my spending, given that I'm already not working - tee hee).

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