Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy B-Day!

It was D-Day yesterday, or more like B-Day, BED change time for our dear Rosabelle. After Wayne got home from work, he got cracking to set up the bed in our room – see how majestic and lovely it looks (matches her white Ikea cupboard too!)?

We were apprehensive that she would not take well to the bed, and I told the nanny to carry her and see Wayne setting it up, to pique her curiosity about her new ‘toy’, and she immediately loved it when we put her down!

The nanny kept reciting to her that this was her bed, and she was supposed to sleep in it that night, and not sleep next to Mummy anymore (other than the few days she was in hospital for her jaundice and operation, she has been sleeping by my side for the past 6 months since her birth).

She excitedly looked around the bed and liked the cutesy design and quilt, and looked so sweet in all things pink, haha!
We thought that she would cry upon being put to bed and want to sleep back in the big bed, but surprisingly, after feeding her, she went to sleep soundly herself in the bed – how brave.

In fact, it was me who was more excited, getting up to ensure she did not kick off her quilt (this quilt is quite noisy when she moves, so it helps and lets me know if she is waking up for a feed, and nanny said the slight noise will train her to sleep even when there is noise around).

However, maybe she got excited too and refused to go back to sleep after the first feed at 4 am, and the nanny had to sing her to sleep. Only bad thing about this cot is I have to bend to change her diaper sideways at night – killing my already bad back!

Other than day time nappy change and play time on the big bed, she will be sleeping in her own bed for night and day nap times.

On to other anecdotes, she likes looking at the security phone near our main door and will always stare and reach out to it until I hit the ‘view’ button and the black/white visual of our lobby will appear. She will always be so intrigued and look at me with a ‘now how did you do that?’ look, and as usual want to put the whole phone in her mouth.

However, there are things/foods she does not like – plain water. I feed her gripe water every day, and will then feed some plain water thereafter to rinse the sweet taste from her mouth. She has sharp taste buds and once I feed her the first spoonful of water, she will spit it out. Haha, turns out most kids do not like the taste of plain water as well.

Just this morning, Wayne called home and she immediately looked around towards the TV upon hearing the phone melody – will be some times before she realizes that the sound comes from the phone.

She’s now sleeping soundly in her cot, but Wayne told me our next-door neighbour has sold his flat, and the new folks are going to do major renovations = noise+dirt+construction debris+smoking workers. I messaged Vanessa this morning and told her if it gets bad, we might need to seek refuge at her place. Fingers crossed.

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