Thursday, April 30, 2009

Play time

Cheeky girl loves to play with the set of stacking cups we bought her, choosing different colors of cups to chew on, and singing along at times. However, if she does not get what she wants (e.g. prefers chewing/tugging on the camera than any other toy), she will make a 'nnnng, nnnnng, nnng' sound, not unlike a bowel movement. Heh. This is what blue color tastes like to her:

She is also very alert to sounds/voices – this is what her reaction was when Daddy called out to her last night:
And lastly, this is how she’s sitting on her Fisher Price seat these days, looking at the designs on the seat in between her legs (and at times looking to see if her toy has fallen in between):

All these play could be getting to her as she might be taking her new cot as a play thing - she again woke up at 6 am last night and refused to go back to sleep until 7:30 am (nanny had to play with and sing to her). Then I was woken up by scratching noises at 8:30 am - she was happily scratching the side of the cot and gave me a cheeky smile when I got up to peek at her. Oh dear me. Well, I told the nanny this is at least better than her crying/refusing to sleep in the cot.

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