Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Whirlwind times

Time sure swooshes by when you are having fun...it's been a few days since I updated my blog, and the reason I can do so today is because the new nanny has come - yaay! In the past few days:
  • I managed to catch Slumdog Millionaire on DVD on Friday night. So pathetic that I have not caught any new releases in awhile (a big disparity from my pre-Rosabelle days where Wayne and I would have movie marathons at home...), but the show was a feel-good production, and I thought they weaved the storyline cleverly into the questions (but mainly because of all the brouhaha and luckily, the movie delivered and did not fall flat nor was over-rated).

  • We met up with Wayne's parents over the weekend - his Dad was nursing a cold and had refused to let his Mum visit for fear of spreading the germs to Rosabelle, heh.
    Rosabelle was on her best behavior and even let Wayne and I shop around for a clock at The Place, having her Nainai carry her over lunch and not looking for either of us. She was in pretty much high spirits the whole day and we even took a trip to the supermarket with her. I also bought her first packet of Nestle rice cereal - ready to stary weaning her at month end!

  • On Sunday, we met up with Maggie (my former HR) for lunch at this lovely place at The Village Sanlitun, an Italian cafe called Panino. Wayne thinks I've long been deprived and haven't gone out in awhile as I kept raving about the food and how inexpensive and yummy it is. It was a cold day, and we dressed her up more snugly with a flowery Spring hat, heh. She was again on her best behavior, playing with Maggie, giving her sunshine smiles, and even took a 30-minute power nap in the noisy restuarant! She had a major poo accident just as we were preparing to go out (shit all over her clothes and the bed and we had to bath and change her and the sheets - I'd just changed the sheets a few days ago) and we had poor Maggie waiting for close to an hour.
  • After that, we went to look for her bed - it's about time she does not sleep on the same bed as me, and for her to build her independance, heh! We went to this place recommended by Wayne's colleague, and it was in a small apartment with a few beds on display. We got a white one as the wood is supposedly better than the dark wood or pinewood, as well as purchased two sets of sweet bedding for her. I will need to space out her weaning time from her vaccination time (this Saturday) from her first time in her own bed. I cannot put all three big events together at the same time or it'll be too traumatic (for myself, at least..haha). The bed's coming this week, so will take photos of her in her new cosy corner soon enough!

  • However, she wierdly does not like the car seat these days, crying if I put her in it, and refusing to bend her legs to sit in it. The only thing I am doing differently is I placed a pelican toy in front of her, and maybe she is frustrated at not being able to grab it - I've since taken that out and will see if she goes back to her car seat-loving ways next...
  • Nowadays, she is really playful, whether it's during nappy change times where she will roll left and right, grab the bed liner and put into her mouth, grab the pack of cotton balls and chew on it (I've had to resort to biting the cotton balls packet in my mouth like a dog, just to divert her attention and make her look in front);
  • whether it's just clowning around with Mummy (there you have it, a glimpse of my disastrous fringe);

    whether it's mouthing anything she can get her hands on (even her clothes rack) - she is teething already and at times, when she is chewing on something and starts making whiney noises, I will bring out her chilled teethers from the fridge and she gains instant relief from chewing them....nice...;

    whether it's having fun with Daddy...

    No matter what, at any time, whenever she's hyper or excited, she will flail her arms in a roundabout manner like two motor generators (like that below):

    Very importantly, over this weekend, we confirmed the new nanny (highly recommended by Wayne's colleague who has twins taken care of by her), who started work this morning. She does not come cheap though, sigh, but as Wayne wisely pointed out, if we can get somebody we can entrust Rosabelle in the safe hands of, it's worth it as I can then go back to work earlier. She hails from Dongbei and has six years of nanny/confinement lady experience in Beijing, and though she does not do as much housework nor is as immaculate in housekeeping as the previous one, she does have more child-rearing experience. She has been here for the past 8 hours and has successfully sung Rosabelle to sleep, and fed her from the bottle. She has full of praise for Rosabelle, whom she thinks is well-behaved, smiley, doesn't cry much, and has grown well. Heh. She is also more restrained in her play (not as boisterous as the previous Ayi), but her gentleness is nice and calming for Rosie dear, I guess. Fingers crossed all works out well!

    Last update for this post is - my family has confirmed their flight to Beijing and is coming from 3 to 16 June - YAAAAY! Pity my brother-in-law Matt cannot make it, but my parents, the kids, and my sister are all coming, so we'll need to look for an apartment for them in the vicinity. Wayne has also managed to get some days off over that period - I'm so looking forward to seeing them soon (as is Rosabelle)!

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