Friday, April 10, 2009

Yummy yummy

Think our girl should be teething, drooling like nobody's business and goes through 4 cloth towels and 3 bibs a day (in addition to leaving saliva all over our shoulders, pillows, beds...).

My mum introduced fruits to her at about 3.5 months old, starting with orange, then banana, and apple. She does seem to enjoy them (though after introducing them, her bowel movements were strangely quite erratic/not as regular, and she had bouts of non-shitting for 3 days, 4 days, and the longest was 10 days afetr which we had to put an anal suppository to stimulate the kaya-like shit! Anyway, that's another more disgusting story...).

I am not feeding her fruits as regularly now and would like to re-introduce them when she turns 6 months, when I will start weaning her on cereals first.
However, she has been developing a very strong grip and snatches our foods (bawls incessantly if we refuse to give her the apple/pear we are eating and is somewhat inconsolable...)
When foods are not around (she salivates alot more and stares at us enjoying our food...poor thing), she will gum on anything in sight, especially her poor toys.
Failing which, she'll just eat her own hands and feet (her feet are bundled up here, so she can't chew on them as much, unless during diaper changes, heh!).

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