Monday, April 27, 2009

The little things

It’s amazing, and also amusing, to notice Rosabelle doing certain things at times.

She has always liked watching TV, and when I switched on the CD today to let her listen to some children’s songs, she automatically turned her head towards the TV first to see if the sounds were coming from the gogglebox. When she did not see any images, she then started turning her head about to see where the sound was coming from.

This is her trying to sneak a look at the TV in Singapore - I purposely turned her with her back to the TV, and had no heart to see her strain her whole neck almost 180 degrees upwards to watch the TV!
She has always been a big fan of bath times, and would at times be so excited she would pee right before bath – my mum, Wayne and I have been victims before. These days, when removing her diaper before bath, we would do the ‘sssh, sssh’ sound to make her pee, and I must say she has been most cooperative! I thought it was a fluke, but when the nanny was changing her diaper just now, and made the ‘sssh, sssh’ sound, she peed again into the diaper. What a good girl!

She was cranky the other day, and no toys we fished out of the toy box could placate her. In desperation, I took off the lid of the toy box (the Ikea red fish toy box), and she happily started gumming on the fish fins and tail. I realize she likes containers – she will ignore the toys in the boxes and play happily with the cloth boxes we put the toys in. Back in Singapore, she also had a favorite doggy container that held some chewy sweets. In the car, at times when her teether cannot keep her happy, I will give her the plastic bag that held the teether instead, and she will prefer to play with the former!

Told Wayne that our daughter does not need expensive toys, haha!

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