Thursday, April 30, 2009

On the last day of April…

On this day, you sat unaided for close to two minutes, observing Ayi mop the floor this morning. Your previous attempts at sitting unaided were always shaky, but Mummy found that you could sit up without support on the bed whilst playing. I thought it was a fluke, but you proved me wrong and sat by yourself for a long while. How clever!

On this day as well, you also took your first taste of Nestle rice cereal, your first-ever weaned food. It was watery, and only 5 grammes of cereal (to 35 ml of water), but you enjoyed the taste, and was left crying and Mummy had to supplement with a feed before you went to sleep. You managed to eat from the spoon, and even drank water from a two-handled cup to rinse your mouth after. How clever too!

We’ll have to monitor for any allergies over the next three days before we add items like carrots to the next cereal feed, you’re on your way to enjoying foods other than milk, milk, and more milk!

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