Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Rosabelle has been wailing away at bath time for the past three days. It's been like that since vaccination day on Saturday, where we did not bathe her. Henceforth, whenever we bathed her, she will sob uncontrollably, making it hard for the nanny to massage her thereafter. I at first thought it's because the water was too hot, and tried adding cooler water, and thought she wanted me to bathe her instead. However, she was still crying, but always alright and excited when we remove her clothes, right to the point when the water touches her.

We can't put a finger on it, just hope that this phase passes...my only guess is the vaccination jabs on her thighs might still be smarting from the water.

We brought her down twice today as the weather's nice and good --

She also did something really cute today - I was feeding her and playing with her fingers, pulling my finger away at the last minute when she was about to grasp it with her left hand. This pulling away continued for 4 to 5 times when she suddenly used her right hand to grab my finger instead; how cheeky but clever. Heh, doesn't sound like a big deal but I am just so amused how her little mind works.

Also, Amcare called me today saying that her iron level was slightly low (decimal points) and suggested weaning with yolk etc (same as what the doctor advised the other day), and feeding vitamins (another money-making spin). I'm not too worried as she's growing well, and after we put her in her new cot today, we'll give her a few days to adapt before we start on her first taste of cereal on Thursday, how fun!

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