Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Looking back...

Over the weekend, my brother-in-law Matt sent over the photos that we took on Rosabelle's last day in Singapore, before and when we were at the airport. Mum's birthday was the following weekend (April 5), and we decided to have an early cake-cutting at home first:

The whole entourage of Toh family, along with my Mum, then headed to the airport together to send the Shi family off. Rosabelle did not really like her Quinny Buzz much as it was quite warm to lie in (detracting a little - but she thankfully enjoys sitting in it in Beijing now, maybe because the weather is cooler - whenever we take her out in this pram, it gets alot of attention, or as the old uncles and aunties in the neighbourhood call it - it's the 'Benz奔驰 of Prams').

When it came to bye byes, I thankfully did not sob too much, but felt sad for leaving my lovely family who has taken care of us all so well - I spent a total of more than 6 months in Singapore, the longest I've ever been home since coming to Beijing. Luckily Simon and my sis did not carry out their plan to 'kidnap Rosabelle' so she can stay on in Singapore (haha!), and thank goodness they are coming to visit soon so that Rosabelle can have a happy reunion with them.

My sis and mum told me that over the next few days after we left, Simon and Marianne would at times forget we had left and come into the room to look for Rosabelle, or ask where she is when my parents went over the weekend to their place. Marianne even cried on the way back from the airport, saying she wants Rosabelle - so sweet.

Rosabelle had a bassinet on the Air China flight, but as she is more used to sleeping on her sides, the small 'box' was way too small for her and I ended up carrying her most of the time on the flight.

When we reached Beijing, it was cold so we quickly bundled her up and she continued sleeping, though she woke up in the car on the way back to our house.

And after that, over the next few days, she pretty much caught up on her sleep (enjoying her 'throne' in the car - smiles excitedly once I put her in the car, but of course makes noise if the car stops moving).

The below pictures are of her being bundled up both inside and outside the house - looking happy as ever!

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