Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Rosabelle has been keeping us awake at night, sleeping only close to one the past few nights. I really need to cut her bad habit of suckling herself to sleep...sigh.

The weather was relatively good today (nice sun and no strong winds), so we brought her out for a morning stroll, where I also collected the photo album of her photos we are preparing for Wayne's parents, who are due to go back next Monday. She came back and took a short nap, allowing Ayi and I to sit down and take a proper lunch.

She woke up 45 minutes later and wanted to play for awhile, and in fact fell asleep for another 15 minutes shortly after. However, she woke up again grouchy, and wasn't much in the mood for play, and was whining at every toy given her. I took out the teether from the fridge and she had instant relief for all of like 30 seconds (usually works to ease her aching gums). After which she became grouchy again.

Ayi managed to then sing her to sleep - Ayi has been reciting Chinese limericks/rhymes to her, on diverse subjects from socks to rabbits to tadpoles to the moon. So cute. This Ayi has a high success rate of placating her to sleep, as well as feeding her from the bottle. She also has introduced a new ritual of doing massage and exercise for her after her bath (makes my morning 'massage' picked up from books seem really unorthodox!). So far so good!

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无言 said...

I am a very faithful reader of your blog already. haha