Monday, June 22, 2009

Sweet tooth

Die, my daughter's going to get a sweet tooth - she inadvertently had her first taste of processed sugars today when one of the over-enthusiastic grandmas in the yard popped a crust of fruit loop into her mouth before I could stop her. And before I knew it, before I could finish my sentence of 'No, don't give her another one, she's going home for lunch!', she had already stuffed a second crust into Rosabelle's mouth. When she got home, Rosabelle was smacking her lips/gums, and we quickly fed her some water. I smelt her mouth and it was the sickening taste of too much sugar - poor thing. The nanny and I have agreed that whenever either of us is not around, we will vehemently protest and not let other people feed her stuff, giving the excuse that 'Mummy/Nanny does not allow Rosabelle to snack'.

Gee. All my efforts/expenses in buying expensive/non-sweetened biscuits gone to waste just like that...

Still on the subject of sweet stuff, Vanessa mentioned on Saturday that Rachel loves eating mangoes, so yesterday, we let Rosabelle try some at night and she greedily slurped up at least 6 teaspoonfuls - the mango was really very fragrant and sweet, but we made sure to give her loads of water after as mango, though chokeful of Vitamin C, is rather heaty (and it doesn't help that she has been giving a constipated look, though no crying, during meal times, but are mostly false alarms with no poo - sigh, we still have yet to get her to poo regularly).

On to good things, the nanny recommended that we get her some walnut oil to add to her foods, supposedly very good for babies and their brain development. So, instead of adding fragrant oil or children's soya sauce to remove the smells in chicken liver or fish, the nanny will instead add walnut oil for taste and goodness. I've asked the nanny to as much as possible, let Rosabelle enjoy the natural tastes of foods, e.g. she does not have to add any seasoning to her steamed egg and still enjoys it. Even for the fish and chicken liver, Rosabelle also does not protest at the smells, so if it comes to a time when she protests and does not like it, we can then add some walnut oil. Walnut oil is even supposed to help those with eczema, so I should seriously consider including it in my diet.

We got a bottle from the baby mart, costing us RMB148 (about SGD30) for a 250ml bottle - at least I can be reassured she is injesting good oils, if she ever needs to!

I'm glad we have a nanny who can make a variety of foods for Rosabelle to whet her appetite - yesterday, she boiled a slice of white bread, making bread porridge with chicken and broccoli, marking a change from the usual cereal/porridge/noodles, and Rosabelle liked it. Good to introduce her to a variety of foods and different ways they are being made!

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