Sunday, June 7, 2009

Different tastes

As my family gets up to pigging out at different restaurants, I've learnt to also keep Rosabelle 'entertained' with stuff of her own.
I bring out the teether...
and the teething rusk which makes her looks like she's smoking a cigar (which she manages to chew off till there is a tapered end)...

...and of course her Wakodo crackers she likes. It's enough to keep her entertained and placated (quenching thirst with water from her sippy cup), and I had to give her a slice of pear from the table when I forgot to bring her 'goody bag' on the first day. However, I am similarly kept busy when she keeps dropping the items on the floor and I throw all hygienic caution to the wind as I just use a napkin to dust the items and give her again (bad mother!).

She was trying sweet potato with porridge on 4 June, and then papaya on 7 June, and seemed to like these items. But as she gets older, she gets more fussy about wanting to feed herself - not just content with holding her own spoon, she also wants to hold the bowl. Not that it's enough to make her happy, she makes noise if the nanny or I help her to hold the bowl - she wants us to just leave the bowl there for her to take herself. The nanny emptied the bowl contents and gave it to her, and she let out a protesting shriek when she saw an empty bowl. The nanny had no choice but to put some food into it, upon which she took the bowl and poured everything onto the floor. ARRRRGGGHHH.

Add to that my discovery of her lower two teeth starting to come out (I put my finger and ran it over her gums last night and could feel the uneven edges of the teeth already. So at meal times, we at times get a grrrummmpppp baby who wants to be independent way too early... (though thankfully most of the times, she is a bliss to feed and used only 15 minutes to finish the whole bowl of pumpkin/potato puree and bowl of pumpkin/potato soup last night).

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