Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The early bird calls 'Mama'

Rosabelle woke up at 5:30 am this morning, and the nanny and I basically had to wake up with her to keep her entertained and prepare her breakfast of steamed egg yolk. Unfortunately, she was sleepy by the time breakfast was ready, and we had to sneak in a 30-minute power nap for her before she woke up happy. She still wanted to nurse after finishing half the portion of steamed egg yolk though, so we could only go for a later morning walk.

Met A-Man and her mummy, and the latter brought her home Sony camera with her and captured some really nice close-up shots of Rosabelle (she'll be emailing me the pix so I can post them later). A-Man is walking really well now, and looks very tough with her sturdy legs (her mum always says only Rosabelle can compete with the size of her daughter's thighs!).
I only managed to capture some simple pix with my usual Canon camera:
See how she likes to cross her legs even when standing?
Thinking Rosabelle would be hungry after having a light breakfast, we headed home to a very sleepy baby, who fell asleep shortly in the nanny's arms after changing out of her clothes. I took the chance to quickly go for a manicure and pedicure (long overdue and I have really thick callus-like skin on parts of my sole). Little did I know she woke up after yet another power 30-minute nap. Amazing that she did not feel sleepy after waking up so early... even I was feeling sleepy!

So when she took another nap after lunch, I quickly went for my fortnightly facial, where I managed to relax with a back massage and sneak in some sleep time when enjoying my Guinot treatment. Bliss...

At night, the nanny cooked porridge with yellow pear and lily bulbs for her (aid in dispelling heatiness of the summer, and also because she has a slight runny nose - likely from the fan switched on at night). The porridge smelt great! However, as with all times these days, upon seeing me, she will cry out for me and now calls out 'Ma..ma..ma..ma..' rather clearly. I had to sit beside her high chair and keep her entertained whilst she finished up her whole bowl of porridge. I basically had to focus my attention on her - she would make noise if I read a book, talked on the phone, or walked/looked elsewhere.

I always joke to the nanny that I need to hire another nanny - one to carry her, and another to entertain her. At the same time I am enjoying her calling me 'Mama', it is also rather unsettling when she keeps crying out to me, and I have to train her to be less clingy by hardening my heart and disappearing at times...

Wayne and I then went to the supermarket to top up on items, and buy things that my family can use when they arrive tomorrow midnight (YAAAY!), but we could not find any ngor fish (darn!) nor snow fish, so will have to continue searching for that elusive fish food for her. We got her some sweet potato though, and the nanny's going to cook that with porridge for her tomorrow. Yummy!


Piggy Family said...

Ask your mum to buy some fresh ones. Freeze, pack in small ice box and bring to Beijing for you. Only 5 hours flight, should be ok bah.

Oh ya, the photos that A-man's mummy took look great. Do you know what camera A-man's mummy was using? My photos of RaeAnne using my nikon s50 are always blur. Was thinking of buying new Canon ixus cos the forum mummies said the photos are sharper cos faster reaction. Yours is also Canon but no good?

Wendy Loh said...

Aiyo, my family has landed in Beijing as we speak - heh.

The camera's a SONY DLR, but let me find out the model - it looks simple, and importantly, light, enough. I use a Canon Ixus 80IS as well, but most action pix still turn out blurry...sigh...