Saturday, June 27, 2009

My dancing Tweety

Of late, other than imitating my nail-cutting action every now and then, Rosabelle loves to stand on my hips to dance - she would half-close her eyes, lean her head back and flop her neck/shoulders and bounce up and down when I sing/dance with her. It's no wonder I am having blue-black marks on my hip/stomach and thigh areas, from her standing pointy-toed on them - even the grandmothers in the yard remarked that she has a good sense of rhythm from being able to jig in tandem with me.
Luckily she's taking solid foods well to keep up with her activity levels - just tonight, she tried green bean for the first time when the nanny made green bean porridge for her, coupled with a soup of black fungus, cucumber, carrot, and chicken+broccoli meatballs. She can chew pretty well now, having fun with the springy meatballs (we cut it up of course).

However, I discovered tonight the nanny has been adding soya sauce (though only a drop) to all her chicken and fish foods, though I had explicitly instructed her not to. She'd wanted to add soya sauce and fragrant oil to her steamed egg before, saying no babies would take steamed egg without flavoring, and Rosabelle proved her wrong. Henceforth, I told her to add only a drop of soya sauce only for fish or chicken liver - foods with strong odours - but she could have gotten me wrong. Sigh, she has Rosabelle's interests at heart by wanting to make her eat more and appeal to her tastebuds, but I've already told her firmly that I'd rather let her enjoy the natural taste of foods, and use flavoring only as a last resort (with the exception of walnut oil). Made me quite upset, especially after we discovered this afternoon she has been using only one to two drops of softener for Rosabelle's clothes, thinking that we will tell her off for using too much. The quantity is way too little - it thus explains why some of her saliva cloths are not as soft as they used to be. A case of adding too much when it's not needed (soya sauce), and too little when it's needed (softener)!

Well, on to less microscopic things and on to bigger picture, something that Rosabelle has a good grasp of. Wayne has been playing a fair bit of basketball lately and came home in clothes soaking wet from his sweat, so he hung them to air in the bathroom before putting them in the laundry basket. When the nanny was bathing Rosabelle, she stood up suddenly and went 'Papa, papa...', whilst looking upwards. It was quite some time before the nanny realised and asked her 'Oh, so those are Daddy's clothes huh?', and Rosabelle then gave her a knowing smile. So sweet, she can identify Daddy's clothes, and though Wayne is not home much in the day time on weekdays when he goes off to work, she always has a ready 'Papa' and smile for him when he is back. Whenever I bring her back after her stroll, I will call 'Ayi! Ayi!' at the corridor, and today, she helped me by calling 'Papa! Papa!', as if willing Wayne to open the door to greet her.

She also does a good imitation of my Tweety lips these days - a new skill she has mastered in the past few days, and has been repeating a lot of, even when eating or drinking. See the pictures and the video to see what I mean - it's hilarious!

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