Sunday, June 14, 2009

To Summer Palace in summer!

On 12 June, seeing that we had good and fair weather again, we decided to head to Summer Palace for the day. I decked Rosabelle up in her sexy tank top we got from 官批 the other day for only SGD2 (meant for export to Japan and retailing for about SGD8), and her cute bloomer-like shorts we got from the same place.
We first went to McDonald's for a quick lunch, where Simon and Marianne were obviously thrilled, but more with the toy that came with their Happy Meal, than with the food itself.
Then off to Summer Palace we went, where Rosabelle was extremely helpful and kept wanting to help me hold the brolly (actually, more to tug at and suck on the handle...).
Uncle Wayne is a perennial favourite with the kids, who at times rush to each hold one of his hands (for Simon, it's to satiate his desire to always be first and in front, and Wayne leading the way most of the time allows the boy to also be at the front of the pack).
Here is a rare shot of my sis and I, as we are often behind the lens taking photos for others.
My sis, mum, and the two kids then went on a 40-minute ride on the lake to go around and also visit the areas surrounding the Palace.
Meanwhile, my dad, Wayne, Rosabelle and I stayed at the sides for a rest and kept her entertained. She was busy looking around at people, playing peekaboo with stangers sitting beside us, and feasting happily on her biscuits.
When the rest of my family got back, we took a walk along the 728 metres Long Gallery (长廊), where we had to evade hoards of tourists coming in the opposite direction, and I had to be careful not to push the stroller wheels over the feet of tourists sitting along the corridor resting beams.
Marianne was seriously tired and grouchy from having walked a fair bit earlier, and wasn't very happy that the Long Corridor was so...long. She then ended up taking a short nap in Rosabelle's stroller whilst we were waiting for Wayne to fetch the car.
In 1998, the Summer Palace was listed as one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, and it was at this signage that my sis and Rosabelle took a photo together - my sis particularly likes the photo on the right that shows off Rosabelle's cute lips.
We even changed her diaper whilst waiting (and I carried her whilst Mum changed her).
Looks like yet another happy day for our happy baby!
On the way back, my sis had her wish granted when we stopped at 官批 (again!) for her to shop some more as she missed out on getting some things the other day. It was a rushed trip as it was 5:50pm by the time we got there, and alot of the shops drew their curtains at around 6:30pm already, so luckily she knew what to get. I got a dress and another tank top (this time in green) for Rosabelle as well.

By the time we got back, it was time for Rosabelle's dinner, and she enjoyed the pear porridge that the nanny made for her. My family was too tired (more from the shopping than the sight-seeing, I suspect) to go out for dinner, so we ordered dinner of pizza, spaghetti, grilled fish and side dishes for them from Annie's, which the kids also enjoyed. Wayne and I went over to their place after our own dinner at home, and Rosabelle amazingly fell asleep at 9:50pm, sleeping more than 12 hours till the next day (still waking up for feeds at times though).

The nanny said she suspects Rosabelle will start talking early - she at times mumbles in her sleep, and when playing with her, will at times garble, but the nanny will tell her that she does not understand (as Rosabelle may be speaking English), haha! Whenever we are not at home, the nanny will place Rosabelle in the stroller (the only safe place now), as she had tried to tug at and even chew on the buckle of the Fisher Price seat (to escape to freedom), rendering it way too dangerous for her to be left alone in it now. Maybe that's why when we are going out and I put her in the stroller, she will at times scream and think it's time for her to stay at home and watch the nanny do housework (as opposed to going out in the stroller) and can be placated only when we open the door and indicate we are going out! These days, as we've been going out every day, she will look towards the main door during her meals, and be extremely distracted and want to go out, more so if we leave the house without her. Oh dear, can't imagine how she can fall back into her mundane routine once my family leaves on Tuesday...sigh!

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