Monday, June 1, 2009

Back on track, and heating up...

I finally managed to log 27 entries yesterday after a long absence, and my dear friend Pauline even left a worried comment wondering where I'd disappeared to (when I'd been blogging so diligently prior)...heh, so sweet! Just as well I managed to play catch-up in time, as my family will be arriving on Wednesday night and I'll be busy playing host to keep up with my consistent blogging (so don't miss me too much over the next two weeks if I appear offline again eh!).

Would like to start off the June entry (today's June 1, and it's Children's Day in China, by the way) with an update about myself. Summer's here, it's hot, and I've taken to expressing milk 3 times a day (twice when Rosabelle's on her weaned meals, and another when she's taking expressed milk from the bottle). Milk quantities vary from 80 ml to 180 ml, depending on my state of rest, whether I'm focusing on the task at hand (when I'm on my laptop or reading something else, the milk seems lesser), and also the time of day (evening/night times usually result in more milk) so I could very well be losing more fluids than I think (ranges from loss of 240 ml to 540 ml a day).
And this is what happens - burnt-out lips that look like they've been scorched:

Yes, it's about as painful as it looks.

I'd had this condition a few weeks back, but it cleared after I applied some Vitamin E cream. The last time this happened was in 2007, when I was in Perth with my family, and the winds were cold and dry. But it always went away after I applied moisturising solutions, and I even tried putting Medela pure lanolin this time, which offered great relief only for awhile but caked my lips shortly after.
I had to gently buff away the dead skin during my shower last night, and then apply aloe vera gel on it. It works, for now, and in the mean time, I have to ensure I replenish my fluids in great quantities and don't get such flaky, painful lips in a long time to come...Ouch.

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