Sunday, May 31, 2009

I miss my blog!

I was unable to access Blogspot since the evening of 15 May and I thought I’d lost all my entries. Can faint… until I tried to access other blogs hosted on Blogspot as well and realized all I got were blank pages. Hmmm… blogspot’s having down time, huh? I googled to see if there were reports of such down time, but nope.

Until Wayne reminded me that China might be blocking Blogspot sites (they’ve blocked on various other occasions as well). Recent swine flu cases in China. Censorship. Now the pieces were all falling into place – sheesh. I’ve had to resort to logging my entries in word first and pasting it on when I could finally access (thanks to my ex-company’s tech guru who helped me find this
valuable site, though I've to deal with pop-up ads and occasional slow access), and going through proxy sites to view other blogspot blogs I’ve been following.

So, enjoy my avalanche of entries and don’t worry if the entries read slightly funny or outdated as they might have been written over the course of the weeks…

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