Monday, May 4, 2009

Burp Day

Rosabelle today had her first taste of carrot. The nanny prepared the slices of carrot and mashed them into her serving of cereal. She seemed to like it and was hungry for more! We also started her on her serving of fruit today (did not start the past few days to monitor for any allergic reaction) and fed her scrapings of apple (she'd eaten them before in the past). As usual, the nanny could not feed her fast enough and she got impatient (I had to let her hold the whole apple in the end).

She also had quite a fair bit of plain water today - what a filling day - so much so that when I carried her just now and tossed her in the air, she regurgitated all over the right side of my face/ear/hair and specs, and I'd just applied my facial mask and washed my hair - ha!

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