Sunday, May 31, 2009

Backtrack 5: Off days

(Delayed posting due to swine flu.)

It was the nanny’s off day on Saturday 16 May, and Wayne had a classmate reunion on that night, so it was Rosabelle and myself all alone that night. After I brought her out for her walk, I let her take a bath and fed her before she took a short nap, allowing me time to wash the dishes, clean her stroller, and take my dinner. All was going well, just like the other times when it was just me and her… or so I thought.

When she awoke from her nap, it was close to 9pm, and I had to call Wayne at 12:30am to hurry on back as I was fast falling asleep to a still-very-active daughter! Maybe it’s the lack of other people in the house, but she was very sticky to me, and I could not even put her down for a second (to go to the toilet, or to prepare water for her bath/diaper change) – she will whimper, and also eventually cry. I put her in her Fisher Price chair and placed her at the bathroom entrance to watch me bathe, thinking it would be a novel experience for her (haha!), but I ended up taking the quickest bath ever (maybe a minute max, including drying and dressing myself), as she started bawling really loudly once I switched on the shower.

Maybe I was too tired, or I got too complacent, I was supporting her with one hand when she was sitting down on her playmat, and when I was putting a toy away with my other hand, she fell forwards, and her face struck a triangular toy. She bawled really loudly and I was so afraid it had struck her eye, but thank goodness, when a red spot appeared on her cheek, I realized she’d hit her cheek against the toy – I shudder to think of how terrible it would have been if she’d poked her eye, or if the triangular toy was something harder/plastic. Never again will I rest on my laurels (shortly after, I put her in her cot to sit and released ever so briefly to tie my hair, and she fell sideways and grazed her head slightly against the bed rails, letting out a short cry…how bad a mother am I? Sigh!).

When Wayne came home past one, our active daughter was in her high chair, enjoying sips of water I was giving her, and she was screaming excitedly. She only tired out slightly past two, and not before getting all hyper when I carried her out of the room, taking peeks at the nanny’s room to see if the latter was in, and if she would peek-a-boo out suddenly and play with her, aiyo! I remember telling Wayne in jest to call the nanny and ask her to come back and look after her whilst we went to bed – we would pay for her cab fare!

When the nanny came back on Sunday, Rosabelle must have blamed her for ‘abandoning’ her the night before – she wasn’t very happy on her evening walk and in fact bawled away halfway out to the park. When I went to the park later, she was crying in the nanny’s arms, and I had to carry her all the way back. Even when we reached home, she still refused to be carried by the nanny and eventually, the nanny worked her charm again and patted her to sleep. She was just too tired and grumpy, and thus did not enjoy her outing as she usually does.

Other than hunger and sleepiness (and harm accidentally caused by her own mother, gulp!), Rosabelle was happily playing to her heart’s content as always at other times. Although these days, whenever I’m around, she tends to want to stick to me, going “Mmmmmm…mamamama….nai nai nai nai nai (milk)”, and would not stop whimpering until I carried her up. Nanny says she’s perfectly fine and happy when I’m not in. Onset of SA (separation anxiety) already, or maybe her teeth are coming out, thus the grumpiness…

Guess happy babies have their off days too!

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