Saturday, May 9, 2009

Try spotting me!

Rosabelle looks so small and lost on her huge playmat but it can keep her entertained on end as we just place all the toys together within reach (or she will lean forwards and stretch out her arms to indicate the toy she is interested in).

She can either lie, or sit on it, and this is her face of intense concentration as she tries to flip the cat with the mirror towards her (pardon the double chin, but she's only 6.5 months old).
Yesterday, when I brought out this clown, she let out a whimper - Wayne and I don't really like clowns as they are quite scary/evil-looking, and maybe our daughter picked up this fear from us. I then kept the clown, but she was looking at it through the storage bag this morning, so I took it out again to re-introduce the clown to her, and she eyed it with much caution, but dared to touch it. Small, baby steps to overcoming fears, my brave girl.

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