Monday, May 4, 2009


Our daughter did not take too well to the new Fisher Price toys we got her - maybe as Wayne said, these toys aren't suitable for her age yet.

She was looking at the
Touch and Crawl Friend with amusement, but of course did not yet crawl after it. She took to the Learning Toolbench better with its lights, music and sound, but she kept looking around to see who/what was making the sound and music - she did not realise the talking and singing came from the toy itself, heh. The hammer was also rather big for her small hands and she needed much effort to bang the buttons.

She actually liked the Disney ball we got for free from buying these two toys. Yikes! I hope it'll be like the case of the
patting turtle, which she was indifferent to when younger, and which she now absolutely loves. (Update: The turle has been saved - Daddy fixed its neck with super glue, haha!).

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