Sunday, May 31, 2009

Backtrack 13: Hearing voices

(Delayed posting due to swine flu.)

I was taking a quick nap at night on Tuesday 19 May in my bedroom, and heard the nanny trying to pat Rosabelle to sleep in the living room, so I asked out loud “Have you changed her into her pyjamas?”, and the nanny started laughing. 

Apparently, Rosabelle was resting her head on the nanny’s shoulder and upon hearing my voice, jumped immediately to turn her head quickly around to search for the voice. The nanny was just standing next to the fan we brought out a week back (Rosabelle still has yet to figure out what this tall tower is), and she kept staring at it, willing it to speak to her again in Mummy’s voice. Even when I stepped out of the room to talk to her, she was still looking at the fan in intense concentration, wondering how it could make sounds – maybe it’s like R2D2 to her, haha!
Speaking of voices, as I’ve been ordering a lot of take-outs from the restaurants in my neighbourhood, there’s this dumpling store guy who probably knows us well enough. On Tuesday night, when he delivered our food he told me “You have a very nice voice, just like a broadcaster.” Haha, first time I’ve heard anybody say that – sure hope he wasn’t referring to those lousy, fake-accented, raspy-voiced broadcaster types! When Wayne ordered from them on Saturday, the delivery guy said ‘Your family all have very nice voices, I had to come and see for myself who you all are!’ Unfortunately, only the nanny was there to greet him (they gave us 6 pairs of chopsticks – I told the nanny if they want to be so generous, I can talk to them in exchange for free food, but we don’t need so many pairs of disposable chopsticks, haha!).

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