Monday, May 4, 2009

New playmates

Rosabelle was dressed up in matching clothes yesterday as well (to prove her Dua Yi wrong, wrong, wrong!), and ready to go out on a visit to our ex-colleague, Zhu Li's house. Zhu Li was Wayne's colleague, and briefly my colleague as well, before she left to join the client side.

Zhu Li also has a son born in 2008, but he's already 14 months old, and whenever she carried Rosabelle, her son, Cheng Cheng, would get jealous and come to her. He is very attached to her, and would give a pitiful look, wanting to be carried, whenever he saw his Mummy dearest, so cute.

Maybe due to the age difference, the kids did not play together, but only briefly 'made contact'.
We even took a 'family' photo together, where both kids were most cooperative and gamely looked at the camera at the same time - Zhu Li said Rosabelle is so soft and cuddly, but has very firm flesh, with thighs even bigger than that of her son's, haha! But looking at Cheng Cheng learning to walk, and his expanse of energy, I'm not surprised he's much slimmer!

We hung around her house for awhile, and even 'taxed' her by taking away some of Cheng Cheng's toys, and Rosie liked looking at the windchime at the balcony with Daddy...

After that, we went downstairs for a stroll together, where we caught up with yet another ex-colleague, Cassie. Her son is now over 2 years old, but pity he did not come as he was still enjoying an extended afternoon nap. Rosabelle took well to both Zhu Li and Cassie, as usual giving them her sweet smiles and allowing herself to be carried by them.

It's nice to introduce Rosie to new friends, to make sure she does not become all shy and withdrawn in the presence of strangers. However, we noticed that she does not smile as readily at strangers these days - another development milestone as she becomes wary of strangers (not necesarily a bad thing if not to much excess). As she gets older, she'll also want to play with more kids of her age, not old playmates like us, heh!

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