Friday, May 8, 2009

Embracing the heat of summer!

Don't be fooled by the track suit the nanny's wearing - Beijing is getting hotter these days, with temperatures soaring to 30 degrees celsius at mid-day (and can be cooler at around 20 degrees celsius at night/early morning).

Maybe it's because I drank Coke the previous two days, but Rosabelle slept 'early' by 11:30 pm last night (I did not drink Coke yesterday and maybe it was the OD of caffeine that made her so hyper on the other nights). So she actually woke up real early today by 8 am, and we managed to catch the morning sun that wasn't yet too hot. She was mistaken as a boy (fooled by her cap, and less-than-petite frame) at times, and as the nanny says "your child is really big, she's even bigger than those children who can walk!".

This is her doing a little jig as there was some audience around.

And this is her looking around and soaking in the atmosphere of the children's area in front of our block - it's like a mini playschool with at least 10-15 kids at any one time, and we've been letting her make new friends, as she also likes to look at other children (though we're still careful about letting the 'dirty/unhealthy-looking' ones go near her or the pram - haha, call me discriminatory, but it's better to be safe than sorry!).
After the walk, guess what, I actually 'cooked' lunch for her - wahahahaha! Well, it was just cooking a few leaves of spinach and mixing it into her cereal, but for somebody like me who has only boiled water, cooked eggs/instant noodles/spaghetti, it actually involves switching on the fire and putting a pot of food to boil - a great achievement! I decided I need to learn how to do it as the nanny's on her off day tomorrow (every Saturday). Heh...we're going to give her broccoli on Sunday..yummy!

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