Saturday, May 2, 2009

Online spree for a fashion victim?

Since she's started weaning, we decided to get her a high chair so she could sit at the adult table and cultivate a good habit of eating meals with us. We actually wanted to get a wooden chair from an online site in China, but since they have no physical shop, it was hard for us to tell the quality/suitability. However, we were at another baby items shop yesterday and saw the same thing retailing for RMB120 more (with no back cushion included at that!), we let Rosabelle sit in it to see if she liked it. She was smiling all the way, and we decided it was a good buy and ordered it immediately upon reaching home. It's going to come on Monday, so she'll have yet another throne to sit in.

Some of the toys we got for free (exchanged from spending money at the baby items shop) were spoilt, and since she really likes the piano that makes animal noises whenever she hits a certain animal, we also went online to look for some Fisher Price items for her. We got her a Touch and Crawl Friend and a Learning Toolbench for less than the retail price - we'll let her play with these new toys over the next few days - it will be fun! Now I just need to get an animal piano and replace the silly, leaky turtle... will continue to look for good deals online!

Speaking of good deals, summer's coming and she's going to have loads of summer clothing to choose from. I haven't bought much new clothing for her as we have loads of comfortable hand-me-downs from Simon and Marianne (but all for summer use only), except for like last week when we went to the wholesale area and got a few new items. We were reluctant to buy her winter clothing as she would have vastly outgrown them by the time the next winter swings by at the end of the year, and she only needed thick clothing for less than a month when we got back to Beijing in end-March. Thank goodness for some thick clothing my ex-colleague Pauline gave me, we managed to survive on those and some from my sis.

No wonder my sis was so tickled that Rosabelle's winter combination is such a clish-clash/mish-mash of prints and colors. When I sent my family some recent photos, she was so highly amused and found it hilarious: 'absolutely NON-MATCHING SUPERBLY COLOUR CLASHING clothes! she's going to hate you when she grows up into some fashion guru next time'. Haha, it must be a shock for them as back in Singapore, I would coordinate Rosabelle's clothings to her shoes to her hair clip (and even her saliva towel at times!).
But here, unless we are bringing her for an outing, if it's just a walk in the neighbourhood, my attitude is 'whatever goes, as long as she's kept warm and snug!' Haha, so it's a case of just piling on whatever color/prints we have! Don't start hating your mum, my dear girl, bundle up for your own good! Tee hee hee...

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